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    Welcome to West Row Parish Council

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West Row parish was formerly part of Mildenhall parish, on the 1st of April 2019 we became a separate parish.

West Row is believed to have been an important Bronze Age site over 3500 years ago. Then early farmers occupied timber houses during the summer months (possibly migrating south during the winter) and may have made ritual offerings into the river Lark. In January 1942, farmer Gordon Butcher while ploughing found a major hoard of highly decorated Roman silver tableware from the fourth-century AD. He did not recognize the objects for what they were, and the hoard did not come to the attention of the authorities until 1946. An inquest was held in the summer of 1967, when the find was declared treasure trove and acquired by the British Museum in London. Today it is known as the Mildenhall Treasure and comprises of tableware, pictorial platters and early Christian baptismal spoons which can be seen in the British Museum, and replicas are on display at the Mildenhall Museum.

West Row lies on the north bank of the navigable River Lark, 2 miles west of the town of Mildenhall, and just south of the large airbase RAF Mildenhall. occupied by the USAF, It is considered part of the Breckland, and sits on the edge of the Fens.

The village is served by a small village store, a fish and chip shop and a hairdressing salon. West Row is also home to the popular pub Jude's Ferry located on the river Lark, the last of 4 Pubs that were in the village.

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15 June 2022

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The Church Hall West Row Wednesday 7:00 pm View Details

Latest Parish News

West Suffolk Local Plan


May 2022

West Suffolk Council Announces Consultation on Local Plan.

Your chance to see what the future development of West Suffolk might look like.

See Document below for Venues and dates.

Ancient Mildenhall Charity


May 2022
Ancient Mildenhall Charity image

Yesterday the 24th May -- 117 pensioners of West Row collected their annual payment awarded by the ANCIENT PARISH of MILDENHALL CHARITIES

The ANCIENT PARISH of MILDENHALL CHARITIES distributes a payment to all pensioners each year.

The docoment below gives information about how you can obtain yours.

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